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About All in All (by A. E. Knoch, 222 pages):

The blood of Christ is the basis of all blessing. The purpose of God determines human destiny. It does not depend on our deserts. The plan or process of God during the eons or ages must be distinguished from His purpose, which will not be fully accomplished until the eons are past. Herein lies the difference between teaching of the Scriptures and the accepted creeds of Christendom. Sin and suffering, condemnation and death, endure for the eons, not "forever."

Yet indeed, the Bible is confidently appealed to to support three entirely different views of God's ultimate goal for the creatures of His hand and heart. Almost all agree in the main that the believer, who trusts alone in the blood of Christ, is certain of lasting bliss. But those who do not believe—what is their destiny? Many insist that they will be tormented forever, others say that they will cease to exist, while some believe that they also will eventually be saved. All bring forward texts from the Bible. In each class are earnest, consecrated Christians who desire to know the truth and to live it out.

If it were to be decided by a majority vote, eternal torment would be true. But the Scriptures speak of the present as a time of apostasy, so that the majority are more likely to be wrong. If it were left to history, the early Greek fathers seem to have held mostly to annihilation of the wicked or the salvation of all, and they used the language of inspiration and were nearer to its source than we are. But the only satisfactory way is to base our faith directly on the inspired Word of God. We must test and see what support it gives to each of these teachings.

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