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Who We are...

The Concordant Publishing Concern is not a church. We are a not for profit dedicated to translating the Scriptures and helping others understand them.

One of our founders explained our mission quite simply as "We seek to be of service to all, while lording over the faith of none."

You can read more about it in our bi-quarterly magazine, Unsearchable Riches. It has been published continually since 1909. "What is the Concordant Publishing Concern?" explains more about us in detail.

Though we have nothing to join, we ourselves gladly join in “pursuing righteousness, faith, love, peace, with all who are invoking the Lord out of a clean heart” (2 Tim.2:22), irrespective of organizational affiliation or the lack thereof.

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The Concordant Publishing Concern is a non-denominational, non-profit association founded for the purpose of disseminating the facts and truths of the ancient manuscripts of the Scriptures.

Our research efforts are centered upon the many issues involved in discovering the meaning of the original Scripture terms themselves.

We seek to determine how we may best translate these same Scriptures, striving to do so objectively, accurately, and consistently. Our translation principles, both of vocabulary and grammatical analysis, govern all that we do.


The word Concordant means "agreement" and "consistent". You do not have to wonder about how we translate the words, we have built-in an easy way for you to see how we do it.

Throughout the Concordant Publishing Concern's translation, every word is analyzed and a single English word is assigned to each Hebrew word as its STANDARD (synonyms or idiomatic variants are used where necessary, for the sake of good diction).

Boldface type is used for words, or even parts of words, having exact counterparts in Hebrew. Lightface type is used for words, or parts of words, which are added for readability. Also, small symbols and abbreviations indicate variant Scripture sources used. The result is an accurate and concordant Old Testament.

The complete Concordant Version of the Old Testament, or CVOT, is available to order.


The CONCORDANT LITERAL NEW TESTAMENT (CLNT) can be used in two basic ways. 

First it may be read devotionally, disregarding all the boldface, lightface, various signs, symbols and abbreviations. In this case, readers still gain a distinct advantage over those using less accurate translations, because all of the vocabulary is rendered uniformly. One has the satisfaction of knowing that he is reading a version that uses a “pattern of sound words” (2 Timothy 1:13).

Next, the CLNT may be used to study the Scriptures themselves in exact detail. When used in this way, the reader familiarizes himself with the Instructions for Use and The Abbreviation Key. You quickly learn what it means when words are in bold, in lightface, etc. We believe you do not need to be a scholar to find, for yourself, the true meaning of the Scripture.

Concordant Publishing Concern

The Concordant
Version of the Old Testament

Concordant Version Concordant Literal New Testament of the Bible

The Concordant
Literal New Testament

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Read The Old and New Testament and other entire books for free. Some of these resources are no longer in print, others may be ordered.

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Our online audio library includes readings of the Concordant Version. As well, you'll find a wide selection of talks.

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On-screen text from the Concordant Version is narrated in video format, within our scripture video library.

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Hymns, inspirational songs, scriptural songs, and classical works are provided by Concordant in Mp3 format.

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Take a trip back in time looking over 100 years of photographs of Concordant history.



A selection of Concordant Publishing Concern writings is available on the Expositions page. An exposition is a "comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory".

Our expositions, or articles, thoughtfully delve into what the Scripture actually says. Then, we endeavor to judge, in light of all relevant considerations, how we are to understand what is said.

featured expositions

The Mystery Of Babylon

THE DIVINE MYSTERIES BYA. E. KNOCH  These articles were serialized inUnsearchable Riches magazine between 1916 and 1918.They were published as a 112-page booklet in 1918,and edited for release in HTML format in 2002.

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The Eons

“Eon as Indefinite Duration” (in three parts)From the early times of church history the words aiõn and aiõnios (“eon” and “eonian” in the Concordant Version) have been the subject of much controversy. This is because the question of their meaning is central to the issue of “eternal punishment.” Scriptural usage alone is authoritative. Yet how …

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Studies In Philippians

  “Introduction” Philippians has been on my heart for many long years, and, at various times, I have jotted down notes as certain passages were pressed upon my attention. One lengthy article, that on “The Kenosis,” or emptying of Christ, has already been published. In the last few years particularly, the need of a fuller …

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His Achievement Are We

“Our Saviour God” Most believers consider “free will” and “eternal punishment” to be foundational truth. However, a few consider these same concepts to be foundational error. Of course many among those on both sides of these questions have simply taken a position; most are not aware of the basic issues to be decided. Consequently, confusion …

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